Livingstone advises Electrozemper in the sale to FW Thorpe PLC

  • sep 2021
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Livingstone has advised Electrozemper S.A. (Zemper), Spanish manufacturer of emergency lighting based in the sale of 63% of its share capital to FW Thorpe PLC, professional lighting group listed on the London Stock Exchange

Zemper, founded in 1967, has its headquarters in Ciudad Real and is specialised in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of emergency lighting and intelligent wireless control systems for the sectors of singular architecture, infrastructure and industry. Their products are installed in hospitals, airports, infrastructure and industrial constructions. The company exports to 30 countries worldwide, with an important presence in Europe. Zemper currently employs 120 people.

The company has a strong R&D department and controls all the production, including electronics, plastic injection and testing. It has an important testing lab for the development of new products exceeding the highest standards of quality. Their latest solutions and new launches in intelligent evacuation reinforce their leading position, and provide new opportunities for international development.

FW Thorpe, a group listed in the London Stock Exchange AIM, is a strong and complementary partner for the company and will be able to get numerous synergies and growth opportunities from the integration of Zemper.

The management team of Zemper will stay in the company and maintain autonomy in the management and production so well in the current factory in Ciudad Real as in its subsidiaries in France and Belgium and markets of Northern Africa and Latin America.

Jesús María Espinosa, CEO of Zemper stated: “With this agreement, Zemper will continue to improve the service to its clients who demand high performance more competitive and innovative products and services”.

Mike Allcock, president of FW Thorpe declared: “I would like to welcome all the employees of Zemper to our group. We hope to build together successfully a strong emergency lighting portfolio and to increase our presence in all of Europe. Adding the successful Zemper brand and taking advantage of the potential to share our developments in wireless emergency lighting systems, we hope to create more value for our shareholders”.

Steven Lewis, partner at Livingstone said: “It has been an exciting process where FW Thorpe has emerged as the most compatible and appropriate candidate from the beginning to develop the interests and potential of Zemper. At the back of a complex Brexit and Covid affected environment, the companies have been able to see the strength of this innovative brand and to ideate a common future strategy, intensifying, with the union, the strengths and advantages of the group”

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