Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on the metal sector

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  • jul 2020
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Livingstone hosted a webinar July 9, 2020 featuring business owners in the metal sector frankly discussing the toughest challenges they’ve navigated during the Covid-19 pandemic, the changes they’ve made to their businesses, and what they foresee for the future.

Mike Jenny, Partner, hosted the 30 minute webinar. Panelists included:

  • Gabe Hudock, CEO & President of Alumisourcea technology-focused aluminum processor. They buy dirty scrap aluminum and work with some of the largest aluminum consumers in North America to provide furnace ready material. Alumisource products have significant benefits in terms of blending and melting efficiency while also providing cost savings to mills relative to RSI and prime.
  • Adam Mervis, CEO of Mervis Industries, a scrap recycling business offering a myriad of services, including customized processing, tolling, and railcar dismantling. 
  • Andrew Nichols, CEO of Elmet Technologies, the only US-owned and operated fully-integrated tungsten and molybdenum manufacturer. 
  • Marc Schupan, CEO & President of Schupan & Sons,  a non-ferrous industrial scrap processor, metals and plastics broker, aluminum distributor & manufacturer, with aluminum melting facilities. 

View the webinar and additional resources below.

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