CEDE Group has been acquired by Fouriertransform

  • May 2012
  • Industrial
  • M&A: Sell-Side
  • Sweden

Livingstone has advised CeDe Group on a part equity sale to Fouriertransform, who acquired a minority equity stake of 49%, whereas the previous owners maintain a 51% stake. CeDe Group develops and manufactures custom-made heavy machinery to world leading clients, primarily in the mining and construction industry. The company was acquired in 2003 by the current owners Göran Bredinger and Håkan Johannesson.

Since the acquisition, the company has seen significant growth. The May 3rd transaction changed the ownership structure, where Fouriertransform became part-owners with a 49% stake and the previous owners maintain with 51%. Livingstone Corporate Finance acted as an advisor to CeDe Group throughout the process.

Thomas Karlsson, Partner Livingstone, commented: “The interest from financial investors has been great; CeDe Group is a quality company with a fantastic track record and with an equally exciting growth journey ahead.The deal is an indication of strength in the industry, and we predict a continued strong demand for the Swedish exporting industry where China and India will be two important economic driving forces. Fouriertransform is contributing with industry expertise and a wide network, which makes the company the perfect partner. We see a number of similar situations in Sweden, where privately owned export industries would benefit from entering into a wider context to ensure the expansion and improve the ability to act globally.”

The new partner of CeDe Group, Fouriertransform, is a state-owned venture capital company with a mission to strengthen the Swedish automotive international competitiveness on a commercial basis. Having Fouriertransform as CeDe Groups new partner and minority shareholder means further progress towards the commercialization of the company and continued growth in a structured and successful manner, in part because of the addition of competent board members.

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