Community Engagement

Livingstone is committed to supporting initiatives that reflect the values of our firm. We believe access to basic life necessities and educational opportunities are the key to self-sustainability to create a meaningful future and should be available to everyone.

That’s why through the Livingstone Foundation, we support and finance education and clean water access in sub-Saharan Africa.


Project Luangwa

We work closely with local organizations in sub-Saharan Africa to support their educational and water access projects.

In conjunction with Project Luangwa, we have built and now maintain, a rural primary school for over 500 children. We finance both teachers and innovative teaching programs as well as sponsor gifted children from exceptionally poor backgrounds to allow them to progress through the school system.

In order to provide careers for the children in the area, we also work closely with the Chikowa Youth Development Center, a vocational training school. We have financed the expansion of their agricultural program expanding student numbers, but also permitting the sale of produce they grow, which brings the center closer to being self-financed.

We are funding the drilling of boreholes by Makolekole, a local partner firm, in remote rural areas, providing access to clean water and freeing children of the daily burden of fetching water. We continue to build a network of like-minded schools and sponsors across our countries to help continue the development of further education and health initiatives and to ensure that all of our projects are properly funded.

We visit the areas we work in at least twice a year to check on the progress of our projects and sponsorships and meet with local and institutional organizations to identify new areas where we can help.

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