Hanmere Polythene har genomfört en MBO finansierad av Chiltern Capital

  • dec 2017
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Hanmere Polythene has been the subject of a MBO backed by Chiltern Capital

Livingstone’s Industrial sector team has advised the shareholders of Hanmere Polythene, on a management buy-out backed by Chiltern Capital.

Located in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Hanmere is a leading provider polythene packaging solutions, manufacturing and supplying polythene bags, sacks and liners across a range of B2B markets including food manufacturing.

Hanmere was founded in 1966 and was one of the first polythene manufacturers in the UK. Since then, Hanmere has been a market leader in the industry, pioneering new standards in quality and innovation and continually introducing innovative new products. Hanmere offers a comprehensive range of applications and through its in-house polymer blending process, each of Hanmere’s applications can be tailored to meet customer specific requirements in terms of strength, density, size and finishing.

Chiltern Capital are a leading UK private equity fund. As part of Chiltern’s investment, experienced packaging sector executive, David Lennon has joined the business as Chairman.

Glen Morris, Managing Director at Hanmere commented: “From the outset, Livingstone helped us to understand and assess the right partner for Hanmere and provided us with pragmatic and insightful advice throughout the process.”

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  • Livingstone hjälpte oss från starten att förstå och utvärdera den rätta partnern för Hanmere. De försåg oss med både insiktsfulla och praktiska råd genom hela processen.
    Glen Morris, Managing Director, Hanmere

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