Vårnumret av The Acquirer ute nu!

  • jun 2016

Denna upplaga av The Aquirer innehåller bland annat följande artiklar:

  • How specialist data analysis consultancy, Tessella, was perfectly positioned when they received an unsolicited approach from a high profile acquirer;
  • Retail Therapy – Traditional bricks and mortar retailing is not necessarily doomed to failure;
  • PEI Media Group’s Management Buy-Out;
  • The Global M&A Outlook – What market trends will dominate the next 12 months;
  • How owning a scalable proprietary platform helps to drive value in the Media & Technology sector;
  • Paintbox reaped the benefits of a 10 year relationship with Livingstone, when it secured investment from the BGF;
  • Austrian sensor manufacturer ams completes two transactions in the space of a year, with Livingstone’s help;
  • Westway Services sold to NYSE-list ABM; and
  • Companies pursuing buy-and-build strategies look to competitively priced capital structures.


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