Careers at Livingstone's Valencia Office: An Interview with Guillem Vercher, Analyst

  • aug 2022

Livingstone’s Employee Spotlights are our way of highlighting some of the incredibly talented individuals we have from offices all over the globe. Looking to join Livingstone Partners? Take a look at what you can expect when joining our team!

Guillem Vercher is Analyst at Livingstone’s Valencia office. He started his career at Livingstone as part of an internship program in the summer of 2019 and was subsequently hired as an Analyst. Guillem is gaining significant experience in the company and is gradually progressing thanks to his interest in work, his awakened attitude, and his companionship.

How did you come to join Livingstone Partners?

I started working at Livingstone Partners in September 2020, after having done an internship here in the summer of 2019. During my undergraduate degree, I became very interested in investment banking and, especially, in M&A.

After consulting different sources, I concluded that there is nowhere better in Spain than Livingstone Partners to start my career in M&A. It was then that, thanks to a mutual contact, I was put in touch with one of the partners of Livingstone Partners and after an interview I started with my summer internship. After a great experience and after having learned a lot, I returned to the USA to finish my studies. Once I finished, it was clear to me that I wanted to start my professional career at Livingstone. After several months in continuous contact with the partners of Livingstone, finally in September 2020 I was able to join the team, at the same time as starting a master’s degree in finance.

How has Livingstone influenced your career? What challenges have you faced?

Livingstone has been key in my career, as it has been the first company that has bet on me. First, they opened the doors for me as an intern, what offered me the chance to learn how M&A works from the inside and later they bet on me as an analyst. In addition, they made a great effort helping me to combine my work with the master’s degree in finance.

Thanks to Livingstone I am being able to grow professionally in the M&A sector. As an analyst, I have worked on numerous projects and in different sectors. This has allowed me to become familiar with many of them, which is very interesting and enriching. In addition, at Livingstone, all team members are present in the different phases of the deal, allowing us to see all aspects of a transaction from start to finish. Here, no matter what position you occupy, you are always encouraged to take on greater challenges and responsibilities, which forces you to always give your best. I have collaborated in very interesting and diverse projects, where I have learned by working.

Has Livingstone met your expectations?

Livingstone has exceeded all my expectations, both professionally and personally. From a professional point of view, the firm works on very interesting projects, with top-level companies, which allows you to meet great professionals from whom you can learn a lot and also allows you to know a large number of sectors and companies. From a personal point of view, Livingstone has an excellent human group.


«In addition to being great professionals with an enviable experience, all colleagues are great people who make the day to day in the company very pleasant. They are always willing to help you and there is a very good company culture».


What do you like most about working at Livingstone?

What I love most about working at Livingstone Partners is the learning curve this job offers. It allows you to see the entire process of a deal, from start to finish, meet successful entrepreneurs, and learn from them, see different business models, become familiar with all kinds of sectors, assume responsibilities, learn from your colleagues and create a very interesting network of contacts. All this, added to the great luck of working with my colleagues, whom I admire, is the best thing about working with Livingstone.

What does an analyst’s typical day look like?

The reality is that there is no typical day at Livingstone, as it depends largely on the status of the projects you are working on. And in turn, each project is totally different from the others, which makes this work very interesting. As a rule, a typical day could include things like answering emails from ongoing projects, participating in video calls with clients and/or counterparties, analyzing sectors, working on Excel documents with financial models or PowerPoint with presentations, visiting companies, etc.

What has been the most memorable experience since working at Livingstone?

Without a doubt the most memorable moment since I am at Livingstone was the day the first transaction I participated in was signed, where we sold 100% of inDenova to Signing a deal is always a very exciting time, as it means that we have done our job well, but when it is your first signature, it is even better.

What’s the most memorable project you’ve worked on?

The most memorable project I have worked on is, without a doubt, the sale of Club Deportivo Castellón S.A.D. As a sport lover and football fan, participating in the sale of a historic Spanish football team has been something very special for me. This project has allowed me to get to know much better a sector that I am passionate about.

Some advice for someone considering joining Livingstone

My advice is to don’t hesitate to join Livingstone. I’m sure they won’t regret it. They will work in a prestigious M&A firm, where they will be welcomed with open arms by all colleagues.

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