ATRYS tar in kapitalomgångar för att finansiera strategisk plan

Diagnostikspecialist tar in kapital för förvärv och expansion
  • Neil Collen
  • dec 2017
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Livingstone’s Healthcare team has advised ATRYS Health, S.A. on part of a series of capital raises carried out by the company.

The main objective of these transactions is to finance the 2018 and 2019 strategic plan of the company. The funds from the raised capital will be used to acquire companies within the anatomical pathology diagnosis sector, purchase Latin American telemedicine companies, develop the Colombian SURA Group framework agreement, open new radiotherapy centers and finance the working capital linked to the activity growth.

ATRYS is a biomedical company dedicated to providing diagnostic services and quality medical treatments, whose objective is to facilitate one-on-one therapy for patients, as well as develop new therapeutic modalities and diagnostic tools. The company offers an integrated management for oncological diseases, starting with precise diagnostic techniques (pathological, molecular, genetic and radiological), essential in determining the appropriate therapy for each case. It then provides hypo-fractionated or single dose radiation therapy to patients that can benefit from this scientifically advanced treatment, all this, through collaboration agreements with hospital groups of reference.

The company supports and accompanies medical specialists and patients in the management of the oncological disease, from initial diagnosis to long-term follow-up, through treatment planning. At the same time, ATRYS develops applied R&D projects, in collaboration with national and international reference centers, aimed at improving diagnostic systems and treatment modalities, which allows the company to incorporate the latest scientific advances into its clinical practice.

The company consolidated its position after the merger of Althia (laboratory and radiotherapy services company) and eDiagnostic (online diagnostic services) at the end of 2015 and with its listing in July 2016 on the Spanish stock exchange market Mercado Alternativo Bursatil (MAB).

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