The Acquirer - Otoño 2015

  • oct. 2015

Titulares (en inglés) del número de Otoño 2015 de The Acquirer:

Enterprise Editor at The Times, James Hurley, explains why a good FD is essential when preparing for an exit;

The sale of a majority stake in German apt Hiller to Chinese conglomerate Sedant;

Cyber due diligence: the next big thing;

How Ding used debt to finance its acquisition of iSend;

The £42.5m sale of Lloyd’s Register Rail to Ricardo;

Tracscare’s acquisition of Brookdale Care;

French company idverde’s vision of a Europe-wide green services specialist as it acquires The Landscape Group;

Why Lyceum Capital turned to Livingstone to support its acquisition of Briefing Media; and

Grupo Zriser’s acquisition of Spanish bathroom products specialist Moldcom Composites.


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