Livingstone advises Capital Cooling in capital raising from Mannerheim Invest

  • Sep 2009
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After discussions with several international parties, the fast-growing climate control consulting company Capital Cooling chose the Swedish investment firm Mannerheim Invest as a new co-owner. Mannerheim acquired a total of 43.5 percent of the shares in a directed share issue.
Capital Cooling is a pioneer in the field of district cooling and has since its inception in 2002 become one of the leaders within the district cooling sector in Europe. By using natural resources such as cold bottom water in lakes, Capital Cooling can supply cities such as Amsterdam and Gothenburg with energy efficient and environmentally friendly district cooling. The company offers energy companies and industrial firms complete business and technological concepts as well as production solutions for large-scale cooling systems. In addition, Capital Cooling provides financial solutions when setting up facilities.

“Capital Cooling is an energy company at the forefront of the industry with an impressive list of clients and enormous future potential. With an investor with financial strength and industry knowledge, the company has enormous opportunities to continue its international expansion,” says Thomas Karlsson, Partner at Livingstone.

He continues, ‟More than 80% of the company’s market is international so it is only natural for us to turn to our foreign partners. A number of global groups have shown interest, but ultimately we still settled on the local investment firm of Mannerheim Invest.”

Capital Cooling Holding’s President Pär Dalin is extremely happy with Mannerheim’s efforts and plans to continue to increase the work force with between 30 and 50 percent over the next two years.

‟We intend to expand at a rapid pace to meet the growing demand on the Swedish and international markets. We want to grow and develop while still keeping our entrepreneurial spirit, so Mannerheim Invest felt like a natural choice as it also is a company built by entrepreneurs,” says Pär Dalin.

Capital Cooling will become a part of Mannerheim Invest’s network of energy companies with prominent roles within energy and technology. Other companies within the network include VKG Energy Services, Megacon and Enaco.

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