Mike Jenny speaks to Waste360

Discusses the scrap metals market outlook
  • Sep 2019
  • Industrial

Mike Jenny spoke with reporter Arlene Karidis at Waste360 about the current state of the scrap metals market as well as what the future portends for the industry.

In the article, Karidis notes the scrap metals market has been “hit hard in recent months between China’s latest restrictions, trade tariffs, and a glutton of U.S. manufacturing.” She went on to write that the numbers will likely continue to drop, as China, which implemented a 1 percent contamination threshold on metals in March 2018, plans to altogether ban small electric motors, insulated wire, stainless steel and other metallic scrap by the end of 2019.

But a big part of the metals story is where these materials are going now and how the industry is adapting to rapid change.

Jenny weighed in on that topic, stating that “one example (of adaptation) is investments in capabilities to sort, separate, and produce cleaner products to sell to aluminum die casters.” He went on to discuss how some companies are adding capabilities in metal commodities.


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