The Livingstone Foundation Reaches Fundrasing Goal to Fund Sub-Saharan Initiatives

The Livingstone Foundation held its second benefit dinner on February 22, 2018 with the aim to raise funds for its myriad initiatives in Zambia.  These initiatives include long-time projects such as The Kapital School, and Chikowa, the vocational training center, alongside newer initiatives like the drilling of water wells in remote villages. The dinner, which hosted 200 attendees, reached its fundraising goal, thanks in large part to the auction of donated works of art and signed sports memorabilia.

Created in 2014 and backed by Livingstone, the foundation’s initial mission was to help improve access to education in sub-Saharan African countries working in close partnerships with area NGOs.

The foundation has been successful in its original mission, to date, the foundation has built a school in Zambia to replace another that collapsed – leaving 150 children without classrooms – and now offers classes to more than 400 children. It currently features several on-going programs in the school, including teacher funding, innovative systems for attendance reinforcement, as well as access to secondary education for talented/gifted children.

The success and positive impact of the educational initiatives has resulted in the foundation expanding its mission. As a result, the foundation has also begun to finance a vocational training center which helps people develop skills in areas such as agriculture, mechanics, carpentry or construction.

Additional initiatives include the launching of a management program and a preschool, the development of classes directly geared towards teaching the importance of sustainability and the environment, and the protection of animals in the area. These sustainability initiatives extend to drilling water wells and planting trees in the area.

Neil Collen, founding partner of the Livingstone Foundation, shares, “The funds raised have exceeded our expectations and will allow us to finance these new projects. We are very proud of the impact our foundation has had. Thanks to the collaboration of Livingstone and our regular sponsors, and the generosity of many of the people who joined us yesterday, we will be able to continue our work in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

About The Livingstone Foundation
The Livingstone Foundation began in 2014 when Livingstone, an international mid-market M&A and Debt Advisory firm, decided to support improvements in education in sub-Saharan African countries. Its main mission is to help communities in rural areas, either by building or rebuilding schools or providing educational support. It works with local organizations providing financial support for its projects with primary and secondary schools, as well as vocational training schools.

Additional information can be found here.

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