Careers at Livingstone's Stockholm Office: An interview with Sven Ekström, Analyst

Livingstone's global presence enables collaboration with colleagues from different offices, creating a truly international experience!

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Sven Ekström is Analyst at Livingstone in Stockholm. He was born and raised in Sweden’s capital and a graduate of KTH, Sweden’s largest technical university. Appreciated for his kind and diligent nature, Sven Ekström has been part of the Livingstone team for almost a year.


How long have you been at Livingstone Partners? Can you talk a little bit about your background?

I am closing in on my first year with Livingstone Partners, and continue to be captivated by the dynamic and fast-paced world of M&A. My academic background in financial mathematics at KTH and professional experience in investment analysis and financial research sparked my curiosity about how companies and financial markets work. M&A has proven to be the ideal platform to embrace and nurture this passion, with unparalleled opportunities for learning and personal growth.

Why did you choose Livingstone? What expectations has Livingstone lived up to?

I chose Livingstone for its track record in cultivating an innovative and entrepreneurial culture, and its commitment to fostering growth and learning among its employees. Livingstone has certainly lived up to these expectations, as I have been able to take on significant responsibilities from day one and work closely with clients. The firm’s global presence enables collaboration with colleagues from different offices, creating a truly international experience.

How has Livingstone impacted your career?

Livingstone has had a significant impact on my career by providing me with invaluable learning opportunities and exposure to a wide range of industries and clients. The supportive and collaborative environment has helped me develop critical skills in financial analysis, deal execution, and client relationship management, which I believe will serve me well throughout my career.

What was the most challenging deal you worked on and why?

Each transaction presents its own unique challenges, an aspect I genuinely appreciate about this job. It consistently creates opportunities for growth and a wider understanding of various sectors and transaction structures.

What is your most memorable moment working at Livingstone?

The yearly off-site gathering, held in Boston this time, brought together colleagues from all offices, and left a lasting impression on me. It was my first month, and a fantastic way to kick-start my career at Livingstone and to meet colleagues from around the world. The event was filled with exciting activities and informative sessions, which helped me to quickly integrate into the firm and work philosophy.

What do you consider to be a successful deal and why?

A successful deal creates long-term value for everyone involved. This includes not only financial considerations, but also the compatibility of strategies, cultural fit, and the potential for long-term growth among the companies involved. A successful deal is also one that fosters long-term, positive relations, paving the way for future partnerships.

“Most importantly, remember that teamwork and collaboration are key to success in this industry.”

Sven Ekström

Share any advice you have to someone considering joining Livingstone

My advice to someone considering joining Livingstone would be to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and be prepared for a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Be proactive in seeking learning opportunities and be open to taking on new challenges. Most importantly, remember that teamwork and collaboration are key to success in this industry.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I value quality moments spent with friends and family over good food. Alongside that, I enjoy sports and staying updated on emerging tech trends. These activities bring balance to my life and keep me engaged both personally and professionally.


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