2019 Livingstone International Player of the Year

Congratulations to Agnes Winkelmann who was selected as this year’s winner at our annual company offsite in July in Germany.

For the second year in a row, we nominated one colleague at Livingstone who demonstrates outstanding dedication to helping build or support our international business efforts, and enhance global collaboration across our offices.

Agnes was nominated by a number of partners within the firm, including a number of HoldCo board members.  Some of the feedback includes:

Thomas Karlsson: “Agnes provides excellent and efficient support for all pitches and mandates, always going the extra mile to identify ideas both within and outside her region.”

Dr. André Schröer: “Agnes has demonstrated strong dedication to support international research, approach of buyers, etc., and coordinates cross-border projects with each of our international offices.”

For many years now, Agnes has taken the lead in international support of the offices in terms of research and project work.  On top of that, she is engaged in financial and organizational matters related to Livingstone Holdings. She is a real Livingstonian!

Christian Grandin

Baoshan Bao: “As head of research for the German office, Agnes works regularly with colleagues from other international offices, and is often involved in helping pull pitch information together for projects that need a global view of the research.”

Elena Gonzalez: “Agnes has continued to provide support on different projects and remains a great contact within the Dusseldorf office to find information on how to get to the right person. She will help you when people are less available and do it herself, and her work is always excellent.  She has helped with various initiatives to better organize the sources of information we use and share in Europe, suggesting different options, suppliers or models to make it more efficient or less costly for all, and she is excellent in sharing intelligence that will help you on each deal.”

Neil Collen: “Agnes is always available, chases her colleagues to deliver, and comes up with original ideas.”

Congratulations Agnes!

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