Tom Lesch speaks to ALTCredit Fund Intelligence

Discusses sustainable investing and private debt

Tom Lesch, Partner and Head of Livingstone’s US Debt Advisory practice, spoke with reporter James Harvey at ALTCredit Intelligence Fund about sustainable investing and what becoming greener can do for a company’s credit risk.

In the article, Harvey writes that in a world facing the growing threat posed by climate change, green investing is becoming the “cool” thing to do. Credit managers are increasingly starting to take environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into account in their investment policies, and now have access to more tools than ever before to engage in sustainable investments.

Lesch weighed in on the topic, stating that in many cases becoming greener significantly reduces a company’s credit risk in its own right, “The criticism is somewhat valid, but at the same point, the greater truth is if a company is environmentally responsible, they de-risk the business.”

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