Livingstone Crafts Deal for Tennessee Valley Recycling

  • nov. 2017
  • Industrial
  • M&A: Sell-Side

Livingstone is pleased to announce the sale of Tennessee Valley Recycling (“TVR” or “Company”) to SA Recycling (“SA”). Livingstone acted as the financial advisor to TVR.

Tennessee Valley Recycling, headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, was founded in 2000 with the merger of several family companies, many operating since the early 1900s with an established, dedicated history of providing exemplary service to the Tennessee Valley area. A full-service shredding, shearing and baling operation that provides scrap metal recycling services to industry, scrap dealers, auto salvage, as well as to peddlers and residential customers, TVR is recognized for their expertise in industrial recycling and mill services.

The acquisition by SA Recycling will serve to further enhance their presence in the Southeast with the addition of TVR’s seven (7) yards located in Alabama and Tennessee. SA Recycling operates over 70 scrap metal recycling facilities from coast to coast including eleven (11) shredders and two (2) port loading facilities. Considered a leader and innovator in the industry, their international reach will add additional resources and opportunities to TVR and its customers. SA’s philosophy is firmly based on dedication to customer service, safe and clean operations for their employees and customers, a dedication to community and family, and offering the best recycling services and value to its customers. TVR will become an integral part of that operation.

TVR President Joel Denbo is excited for the acquisition, stating, “Tennessee Valley Recycling is excited to become a part of SA Recycling. Their resources and expertise will only enhance the quality of services currently provided by TVR to the area.” Denbo added, “Livingstone provided excellent service to us during the course of the transaction to lead us to this outcome.”

Managing Director Mike Jenny commented, “The transaction between TVR and SA is an example of our team’s dedication to achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients by crafting and executing tailored processes based on their specific goals and objectives.” Jenny continued, “This transaction also demonstrates continued strength and optimism in the space, indicating the potential for strong moves in 2018.”

Harris, Caddell & Shanks, P.C. provided legal counsel. Tennessee Valley Recycling is the 54th transaction closed by Livingstone in 2017 following the sale of Apache Hose and Belting Company to Motion Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of GPS, and Catalyst Development’s securement of investment from Livingbridge.

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