Jim Moskal quoted in HomeCare magazine, discusses innovations in home care

  • Jim Moskal
  • okt. 2018
  • Healthcare
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Jim Moskal spoke with Liz Carey, Editor at HomeCare Magazine, about innovations taking place in homecare. The article tackles innovation within the space by studying three separate innovations directly impacting the older adults and their care providers. Today, innovation can be studied in at least three ways: innovative medical and assistive devices, innovative care models and innovative payment models. Jim discussed the ins and outs of innovative payment models CMS is promoting.

“In order to be successful in providing high-quality, cost-effective care under bundled payment models, physician groups and health systems need home health partners who achieve positive patient outcomes including low hospital readmission rates. The reward to home health providers in such a partnership cannot be understated.” Jim went on, “If a provider can successfully produce high-quality care and positive outcomes (and track them) then their partnerships with hospitals and physician groups will be rewarded with continued patient volume and potential additional reimbursement via sharing of cost-savings.”

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