Facility Management and Support Services in Europe II: Industrial Cleaning and Specialised Sanitation

Consolidation accelerates, driven by European “build-up” investment groups
limpieza industrial

This report covers the sector of industrial cleaning and sewage management, which is currently experiencing a surge in transactions driven by strategic factors different to those of conventional cleaning.

This type of technical cleaning often uses specialized equipment that includes pressure washing vehicles, suction and pumping machinery and other equipment that is used in chemical and mechanical cleaning.  The sector is experiencing concentration, in part driven by several private equity funds with company platforms implementing a buy and build strategy around Europe.

Technical cleaning is an area that needs local consolidation in most European countries

These investors have identified that across Europe the combination of ageing sewerage infrastructure, heavier rainfalls from the impact of climate change and tougher legislation, will drive sustained growth, whilst the technical nature of the industry, that often includes civil works and underground access to piping, create barriers to entry.


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