Livingstone Foundation benefit raises €20,000 for Zambian programs

A record number of attendees resulted in a record-breaking fundraising effort

The Livingstone Foundation raised €20,000 in support of its educational, health, and clean water projects in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia at its November 21st benefit dinner.

The benefit, held at The Westin Valencia, was attended by 220 patrons and included a raffle and auction of work by prominent Spanish artists such as Calo Carratalá, Jesús Arrúe, Artur Heras, Carmen Michavila, Mónica Ajenjo, Tere Unsain and Paz Ferrer, well-known sporting good brands and private concerts.

Founded in 2014 by Livingstone Partners Partner, Neil Collen, and his wife Marie Gillett, the Livingstone Foundation partners with local NGO, Project Luangwa, to positively impact the Luangwa Valley via a variety of initiatives that span childhood development and education, healthcare, and access to clean water.

The Foundation has made remarkable strides these last five years, beginning with an all-out reconstruction of a local area school (Kapita) to nearly triple the amount of students it can service to 520. In effort to expand access to continuing education, the foundation sponsors highschool fees for academically-excellent students and supports the only vocational school in the area to teach competitive skills. In addition, the Foundation has also financed the excavation of several wells, facilitating access to clean water for many villages.

Most recently, the Foundation implemented an innovative math program for Kapita students and sponsored a wildlife education center that teaches children the importance of flora and wildlife around them.

Always on the lookout for new initiatives, the Foundation recently identified a new project in the building of a rural health center and new business initiatives in the area.

Neil Collen, founding partner of the Livingstone Foundation, states, “We are delighted by the reception our charity dinner has had in Valencia. We are very grateful to our guests who, with their presence at dinner, expressed their support for our projects. We also thank the artists and companies who donated to the auction, these items were invaluable in helping us achieve our fundraising goal. To all of you without exception, thank you.

Read more about the Foundation and its work here. If you’d like to help support the Foundation and its programs, donate via the link below.


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