Covid-19's impact on middle market M&A and business

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  • Brennan Libbey
  • apr. 2020
  • Business Services
  • M&A: Buy-Side
  • M&A: Sell-Side
  • Debt Advisory
  • Special Situations

Livingstone hosted a webinar on April 23, 2020 discussing the impact Covid-19 has had on M&A, the capital markets, and how businesses can best navigate the current volatility.

Brennan Libbey and Colin Campbell, Co-Heads of the firm’s IT Services practice, and Mark Birkett, Co-Head of Livingstone’s Debt practice conducted a deep-dive covering pressing issues including the current state of the M&A market, how Covid-19 is impacting capital markets and what that means for businesses looking to finance or refinance, strategies available to businesses right now, and what the trajectory will look like once the markets stabilize.

View the webinar and access additional resources below.

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