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  • mar. 2007

Traffic Support Ltd (‘TSL’), a leading player in the
provision and support of software and related services associated
with the parking, traffic management and enforcement markets has
been acquired by Mouchel Parkman plc (‘Mouchel’) in a
£26.3m cash transaction.

TSL employs sixty staff at offices in London and Warrington and was
formed in 2000 with the objective of becoming the UK’s number
one provider of parking enforcement solutions. It has expanded into
other product markets including civil enforcement and e-government
solutions. The company is now well-established, with 44 contracts
throughout the UK and Ireland, making it the number one in the

Nigel Morgan, the Livingstone Director who led the deal commented:
“Like TSL, Mouchel have long established
relationships with local authorities that provide a good customer
base and the opportunities to expand activities including CCTV,
electronic and telephone payments and document management.
TSL’s software platform and service driven business model
proved very attractive to both trade and private equity, giving
shareholders a range of options in selecting the most attractive
and deliverable deal”.

John Philips, TSL chairman, said afterwards:
“Livingstone achieved exactly what the shareholders
wanted – the sale of the company to an organisation that
would take it to the next level. The difference between them and
others is that they own their business so they were keen to see the
deal go through. They were totally focused, on the case
unceasingly, and putting themselves in our shoes to appreciate
exactly what we wanted”.

Gordon Blair, the Livingstone partner who heads the Technology team
says: “The team created a really attractive business
from nothing to market leader in six years. We had significant
interest in TSL so the auction process was hotly contested, but
Mouchel won by a narrow margin and they delivered the deal exactly
as set out in the Heads of Terms”.

Gordon Blair, Partner
Tel: 020 7484

Nigel Morgan, Director
Tel: 020 7484 4733
Email: nmorgan@livingstonepartners.co.uk

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