Engineering a Deal for M.G. Sanders

  • mar. 2007

M.G. Sanders, a supplier of high added value precision
engineering products and services has been sold to Rubicon Partners
Industries (‘RPI’). Its four main activities are:

  • Antennae system design and manufacture
  • Components manufacturer for the defence industry
  • Critical components for pharmaceutical delivery applications;
  • Heavy alloy manufacturer

Mr Sanders approached Livingstone, to discuss the sale of the
£6 million turnover company, and was keen to ensure that the
Company was sold to a Purchaser which would drive the business
forward but maintain its current site, integrity and quality. With
this brief in mind the Livingstone team marketed the business to a
discrete shortlist of international purchasers they had identified,
selecting only those who would not seek to shut or relocate any of
the business. At the same time, the transaction needed to allow Mr
Sanders to retire from the business shortly after concluding the
deal. That purchaser was industrial holding company RPI run by
experienced entrepreneurs who have acquired over 50

Melvyn Sanders comments: “I have to praise the
quality of the service from Livingstone and the tenacity of the
people involved. Without them I don’t think I would have sold
the business at all and certainly not in the manner I wanted –
they were determined to make the sale happen for me. Gordon
and Graham provided a clear understanding of the process and guided
me on a step-by-step basis from our first meeting to the day of
completion. They were always there when I needed them and we
developed a great relationship over the time we were working

Gordon Blair, a partner at Livingstone, says: “RPI,
an experienced and capable deal doer, was the most attractive
partner in terms of pricing and crucially its intention to maintain
the integrity of the business and allow Mr Sanders to

Gordon Blair, Partner
Tel: 020 7484 4705

Graham Carberry, Deal Leader
Tel: 020 7484 4728

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