EU Referendum | Britain dramatically votes to leave

Packaging News asks Barry Sheehan, Associate Director at Livingstone of the impact this will have on the Packaging sector.

While opinion polls indicated a tight race, the bookies and the City were quietly confident that the majority of the public would vote for stability as opposed to an uncertain future.

While the most immediate impact has been on currency and markets rather than the trading environment, it’s going to take some time for the impacts of the Brexit referendum to become clear – even leaders of the Leave campaign have said it’ll take three to four years.

The good news is that much of packaging manufacture is for food which tends to be produced domestically, and this can also be true of other end markets like pharmaceutical.

Barry Sheehan, Associate Director, Livingstone, said: “As the initial uncertainty subsides over the next few weeks, the economy may slow until some of the broader outlines become clear, but apart from that it’s probably business as usual, for the time being at least. People still need products and Brexit’s impact will vary depending on an individual company’s customer base and their input material costs.”

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