40% of the time, we win it, every time.

Livingstone was recognised as UK Corporate Finance Adviser of the Year at the 2015 Private Equity Awards.

This is the fourth time that Livingstone has won this award in the past ten years, having also won in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

Asked what he thought made the difference, Jeremy Furniss, Partner at Livingstone London, cited three good, old-fashioned qualities often overlooked in a corporate finance market obsessed with ‘process, process, process’:

  • the ability of an adviser to immerse itself in a fast-moving technical market and truly understand where value sits in a successful business;
  • the ability to act as an effective and passionate advocate for a client’s business, whether seller or buyer; and
  • the ability to build principal-to-principal relationships through an intelligently-crafted dialogue designed to build trust and understanding rather than bludgeoning counterparties with the blunt instruments of aggressive deadlines and hollow threats.

Furniss also highlighted the firm’s sustained growth in scale and stature through the financial crisis and into 2014, as it took its global total staff from 34 in 2007 to 80 today, and completed 46 transactions in 2014.

We are delighted by this recognition, and remain committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients, every time.


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